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Learn from the elders

Understand, learn and enjoytraditional Provençal cuisine with a passion. 

The “companages” or Provençal tapas, the brandades,  spring vegetable fricots, tians, aioli, pistou or einkorn soup, vegetable cereal pancakes, complete dishes which combine vegetables, cereals and legumes, but also truffles; and sweets made from almonds, honey and fruit, or any other specialty will no longer hold any secrets for you.

At your request, Pascale welcomes you and organizes workshops; sensory awakening collectives and cooking for young and old.


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Discover aromatherapy

A privileged moment with Mireille Fleury, trainer in aromatherapy.


Make everyday cosmetic products yourself: shampoo, eye gel, whipped balm, toothpaste, moisturizing cream or sun protection. Learn to use essential oils, hydrosols and floral waters from plants picked in Provence.


2 hours to take care of yourself naturally!

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Temps bien-être

With professionals trained in gentle therapies to nourish yourself differently, relax and take care of yourself


Take care of yourself with specialists trained in various practices: sophrology, reflexology, massage, kinesiology, yoga, pilate, naturopathy or dietetics.


Let yourself be carried away and recharge your batteries during an “olfactory meditation” or an “awake kinesio nap”. Help you by using self-massage points, by practicing conscious breathing and listening to your emotions to regain well-being.

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Reconnaître les fleurs et chants des oiseaux

With a passionate naturalist, watch and listen, to bloom your heart, enchant your ears and amaze your eyes!


 Observe during a 2-hour field trip, the flora and fauna and especially the birds, the landscapes, learn to photograph them  or draw with pencils or watercolors outdoors        

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Learn from the elders

Recognize the plants that our

grandparents used in Provence accompaniedfrom a  passionate about wild ethnobotany

In his company, along a trail, for 2 hours, you will discover its uses in the kitchen, cosmetics and in daily life just like ancestral know-how. You will also be able to identify varieties resistant to frost and drought to plant as ornamentals in your garden.


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