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Once upon a time... when a peasant farmer and the owner of a Castle  unite convictions and know-how.


Gilles and Philippe have been friends, elected officials, neighbors for more than three generations. Their families already knew each other and helped each other. Animated through values of solidarity, they decide to join forces, pool their land and share their skills and work.  Respectful of nature and people,committed solidarity winegrowers, they have in common this capacity for adaptation, observation, based on experience and a deep attachment to the earth, so precious and so coveted. Passionate and concerned about a job well done, they  protect, manage and maintain the woods and agricultural lands that support the emblematic production of Ventoux.                                                                "Our convictions on our farm are simple: Activate the life of the soil, pamper it to                               promote biodiversity and work the land when she lets herself be done."

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Story of friendship born from the earth 

  • History of the Véve family:In 1900, the lands of the Touchines were developed byRomain the great grandfather. In1936, the son,August, passionate about Provençal culture and his young wifeWhite take over the land of the family farm. In1957,Jeans, the eldest of 5 children, continues and develops his parents' work.  In1988 he created with his son  THEDomaine Les Touchines. FromGilles  continues to restructure it to1992, vinify his first vintage. A winegrower involved in the agricultural world, he is President of the Clauvallis cellar and  Mayor of Saint-Didier. You will meet  Thibaut at the crossroads of an orchard or a vineyard  AndSarah during a tasting, the children ofPascale Bondurand his companion who withGilles welcome you to the domain warmly. 

  • History of the Delebecque family In1920,Jacques settles in Chateau La Giride.Edward, his son, a literature professor, is elected Mayor of La Roque-sur-Pernes1947 has1976. He is at the origin of the arrival ofBanatais in the years50 who rebuild the village and work the fields. The land of the property will be maintained until2017 by three generations of managers and farmers.Philip, son of'Edward, a native of the country and an academic like his father, was also involved, from1977, in municipal life. In 2023 after having been first deputy, he was elected Mayor of this charming little village of La Roque sur Pernes. Marie his wife,Isabelle AndJeans their two children live between Paris and La Giride where they like to come and recharge their batteries. 

                          Associated to work the land of their ancestors, they are happy to welcome you                                      and proud to share with you the profession of a farmer with passion. 

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Open every day by reservation

For the offline  +33( 0)7 71 80 19 63

For a quality welcome, due to the work on our estate and the sanitary context, thank you for informing us of your visit.

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