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A multi-fruit terroir

Our vineyard rubs shoulders with cherry trees, table grapes, olive trees, almond trees, apricot trees and truffle oaks. The terroir is specific and the sometimes extreme weather conditions have a strong impact on our production. ​ In all simplicity and conviviality, we invite you to come and share a special moment of life on the farm to scavenge or pick cherries, table grapes directly or take part in the olivades or tourist harvests and live unique and authentic experiences.


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Fruit from our orchards or vineyards


Grappillade  accompanied by cherries

Cherry time at the estate is 

from mid May to mid June;.


Gathered at your own pace, by yourself under the tree, the Ventoux cherry is renowned because it is ripened on a particular terroir, with unique climatic conditions and thanks to the know-how passed down from father to son. We invite you to join the group of gourmands of this red fruit on Fridays from mid-May to mid-June at 6 p.m. or to group together to choose another day and time

Grappillade accompanied by grapes

  The grape season at the estate is from the end of August to mid-October, every Friday at 18:30 p.m.

Our table grapes are mainly planted in lyre to promote the maturity of the grapes. The varieties grown on the farm are: Muscat, Alphonse Lavallée, Danlas, Ribol and Rubi. We invite you to join the group of those convinced of the benefits of uval cures on Fridays from the end of August to the end of September at 6 p.m. or to group together to choose another day and time

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The harvest of verdal olives at the estate is from mid-November to mid-December

Despite the 1956 frost, 150 olive trees grown on terraces  embellish our farm and symbolize peace and brotherhood. In sunny winter days , equipped with rakes and nets, in a friendly atmosphere, we will introduce you to picking for free. -             

Tourist grape harvest

Harvest time at the estate is on registration at the end of September

Free invitation to live an unusual experience  without pace or stress, the time of a halfdaytime.

Our cuvée, the fruit of your participation, becomes yours!

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