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Follow the discovery wine trail

Take a walk from March to October, free in complete autonomy  in the vineyard of the estate, on a small path wine, you walk along the plots between vines, woods and olive trees, answer questions about the agriculture and viticulture,awaken your 5 senses: visual, olfactory, tactile, auditory and gustatory.  The different main grape varieties of the appellation and our work will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Meet other peasants

or “ agridating in Ventoux ”

 You want to buy products directly from producers, you wantto meet those who like to talk about themselvescountry  or profession and who like us have a sense of sharing and  a real knowledge of the territory. 

Goatherd, sheep breeder, nougat farmer, legume producer, beekeeper, market gardener, truffle grower, olive grower,  in this sometimes hostile territory, the solidarity between us is real. All of us, farmers, tirelessly maintain the space to prevent fallow land from gaining ground!


On request, with our friendships and knowledge, we will be happy to share our addresses to transform your wish into reality.


Accompany you to visit our villages

  • Saint-Didier, remarkable for its serenity, is nevertheless a living village. Rich in historical and gourmet heritage, the heart of the village is home to the Renaissance castle of the Elzear de Thézan family. Dormant for almost half a century, the gates of the park will open in June 2022. Venasque, a medieval village, perched on its rock, is known for its church and baptistery, its trails in the national forest and its climbing spots.

  • The peaceful Beaucet hides a civic dynamic like the summer events at the castle or its votive festival.

  • Pernes-les-Fontaines, the village of 40 fountains, is the lively and attractive town of the area. Its numerous galleries and museums are worthy of interest.

  • La-Roque-sur-Pernes, a discreet village, with its dry stone walls and alleys is protected from the wind. It is home to a sensitive natural area and many others on its territory. Vauclusians have always been in Vaucluse, we will be pleased to help you discover the cultural, historical, natural and gastronomic heritage of our department.

Walk the paths on an electric scooter or with a donkey

Thanks to a partnership withTrottin'r And venasqu’anes, set off through the woods and paths, discovering the panoramic villages of  Vaucluse Mountains betweenVenasque, Saint Didier, La-Roque-sur-Pernes and theBeaucet.  

Accompanied by an affectionate companion or an electric all-terrain scooter, thanks to a map provided, you can, under your complete responsibility, set off for the day.

At the bend of a path a basket  surprise will allow you to discover local seasonal dishes and taste our wines.                   In a group with friends or with your children by reservation. Contact us to build the project together.    

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